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Tuesday, May 29, 2007
@ 8:48 PM

Nw im bored ..
you know what 15 june is my birthday. but i thik my family dont want to celebrait our birthday..
when my birthday i want to have more present example handphone!!
i want handphone: because my sister gt one and i dont have poor thing!!=(
my brother also have only me dont have in my family my sis is so special!!!
anywhere if you want to chat wit me please chat at the cbox or you can ask wat is email.
i dont want to give my email to any want only my frenz...

goodbye happy holiday wish me happy birthday..


Sunday, May 27, 2007
@ 10:43 PM

I think i put in effort for my English , science and Malay. But i fail my examination!!
I'm very sad with my result... so sad!! My god mother wanted to go to Australia..
But i cannot go because i fail my exam
I will work harder now.. If i cannot pass i must go to EM3 ..
But Primary 2 result i fail 1 subject only (maths)
I think every classes got 1 person fail maths .. I was hard!!

I want to be like my friend Catherine she pass all her subject
If next year i never work hard i will fail forever & ever
i want to go merged stream!!

Saturday, May 26, 2007
@ 6:56 PM

hey all..
about me..

name: Syahirah


if you want to chat with me u write something at the cbox.. okay and ask me something okay!!

goodbye and take care

=) =( =>

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