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Friday, October 23, 2009
@ 9:25 PM

Hey peoplessss!(:
IN the Morning just now, Was so tired!
Must Do E - Learning.
Today played The comp too Long!
Chat with my friends & Cousins..(:
So bored, wanna go out with friends or family!
But all Busy! Boring write!
Thenn twit Alot!
Watch Videos, Justin Bieber & SleeQ
long dayy!
Then twit
"@iamalyph Hey Alyph! This is one of the triplets!
Miss you & Syarif Alot. Nice performance at tampine street 21
Then he replied
"@irahcutey aww thx see u soon k"
hahaha! Nice one!(:
Alwayzzz Support themm!!
hahaha okok!
Now msging Fiqa!
Dont know wat say now!
Wanna talk about skool!
Last Tues, Wednesday,
nEver went to school'
because got headache & flu!
MOst of my friends di'nt believe!
Dont know wat to do to make them believe!
then get my result!
Will update my result on Monday aites!??
Love SleeQ & Justin Bieber!


Thursday, October 22, 2009
@ 5:48 PM

Hey Peeps!
I'll Like To say That I love SleeQ : Syarif & Alyph
Really Miss them
Just met THem On 18th October 2oo9
Heeres The story,
On The 18th October,
After mY couzins kenduri, I asked
My mum to pass by the street 21...
So we check, then saw Mimi & her frend
She said that the boys will be performing..
So we waited!
Until they perfomed Untuk Dia,
Jgn Sampai Terlambat &
Cun saja!
Then waited fOR them coz
they are eating..
& we talk to Alyph & Syarif..
Then Take pic with them!
Thanks Mimi for taking pic for us:D
Just now Chat with Nur Farhana
A Malaysian Frend, I met at Facebook!
She is a Kind Gerl!
We Chat Alot!
Until Now!
Thanks For Chatting with me wen
I'm bored!
Will Chat with her noww!
& Haanneehh,
Thanks For Chatting with me!
Justin Bieber IS my second FAV..
He's Mine!
He got the looks, the voice & everything!
SleeQ IS THE BEST! Number 1!

Friday, October 16, 2009
@ 3:56 PM

Buzy To talk about the picture below!
So wanna talk about my brother's Birthday Party!
We Invite our cousin, Family!
The cake was Nice!
Then we play Uno With our Auntie & cuzzins!
Very Fun!!
We take picture & Until now i dont know where is the photo!
I just want to say to my bro,
Yesterday I slept at 2am because I watched
A funny video! so funny until i got headache!
Actually we want to order McDonald
But we are very tired until we cannot wke up!
& Yesterday i played our laptop at my room but
my bro & sis played at my bro room
then we chat & webcam, I take pic wen they pose at the webcam!
So fun!
The pics are upload at my Facebook!
Will update soon!
Any now I just wanna say
I love SleeQ & Justin Bieber!

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Name Nur Syahirah aka. Irah
Age 13.
Single and Available
I'm A sleeQfan!(: Love SleeQ & Justin Bieber!

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