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Tuesday, June 17, 2008
@ 3:24 PM


On 14 June,
I am so happy cause i am celebrating my birthday!!
Especially dhe game i play..
My group:


and not forgetting 'danial & kakak Lina' coz they help me!! :)
WE gOT 2ND!!!

bUT SOMe of them wen off early so
my cousin help me..
but we get 2nd!!

The game is to find
.1 black pen
.2 Dry leaves
.1 cigratte butt
.1 golden brooch
.1 rose
.1 Adult Ezlink
And Many MORE!!!

It Is So FUN!!!

i wan To thank:

My cousins
.and group mates...

My cake is so nice!
gt me & mY sIs picture!!

You WAnt tO KNow My WishEs???

My wIsHEs::

~ pAss My eXam(PSLE & Prelim)
~ mEet SlEEq or Aliff AZiz
~ Go tO A good SEcodary School

OKee buhbye!!

Tuesday, June 03, 2008
@ 9:43 AM

helo its time 4 blog again!! Nw I'm primary 6..

My Birthday is coming!!(15 June 2008)
I celebrate at Chalet I think it is going To be fun. My Friends are going come and celebrate with me. My Parents spent about $500 but this is 4 the food plus the chalet ...

I think i cannot afford that but 4 the seek me & my sis, my parents pay 4 us..


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