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Wednesday, December 10, 2008
@ 5:32 PM

Just come back frm KL..

1st day in KL - We reach in kl in about 8 plus. so we Check in to SUcASa Hotel.. and we rest while waiting 4 my cousin to reach to Sucasa hotel.. so we watch Tv while eating Chicken Rice..
At 4am, my cousin reach KL.. and we wake up and help them to carry their things.. At last i sleep at 6am and must wake up at 12pm coz must check out change another hotel..

2nd day in KL - so we pack up and go to another hotel which is The Maple but tis is nt a hotel it is a condominium.. wen we want to go there we gt lost and call the owner of the room that we want stay and
ask him where is the place?? At last we reach there 1hr later. Then we check the room and it is very big
and we like it.. after that we go out and shopping and eat.. we buy a lot of things but nt me but my mother!!
At 2am We came back and sleep..

3rd day in KL - At 1 plus in the afternoon we went for a swim wit my cousin, bro, father n sis. After that we go to the gym.. We try every equiment and we made all the equipments very wet and dirty.. then went back to the hotel and get change cause we want to go to Bukit Bintang to eat Chicken rice.. After we eat, my cousin and my father want to massange their legs and we follow, the people that massange them describe me n my sis.
It so irrateting! After that we go TO Petaling Street.. there is so many people over there. and me and my sis dont like that place.. We say to my mum that we must go back early cause tomorro we must check out at 11am.
But my mum ignore!
we go back at 1 plus.. after we eat our burger, we sleep.

4th day in KL - At 10am we wake up and bath and get change and pack up quickly! After that we go to the messange place at Bukit Bintang again! This time my brother also massange.. and the people over there decribe me and my sis again!!! for your info, me and my sis are triplets.. So we eat lunch.. and i heard that my cousin said the condominium that we stays is hunted..But we dont believe cause we have fun over there..
And at the end we came back in SINGAPORE in one peace!!

so please tag me okok..:D

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