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Tuesday, December 23, 2008
@ 2:02 PM

Sleeqaholics that come to fetch Syarif
My sisters & Syarif

Me, Syarif and Arina

Me, my sisters, Syarif & Arina


At around 8 plus Tampines mall coz my mother want to buy christmas present for her friends
so we rush coz we want to go to the airport to fetch sleeq!
But the funny thing that my mother dont know that we want to go to the airport to fetch sleeq..
so we rush and quickly go to the airport.. so my mother say "wat r we doin here?" we say "fetch Sleeq'

my mother was very shock... she say WAT!! then we quickly fine the sleeqaholics..
Then we saw the some of the people wearing BlACK and we quickly follow them but the are going to the
MacDonal so we wait for them.. A minute later.. they sit infront of the place that sleeq will be going out.
so we sit awayfrm them i mean lyke beside them.. then they ask "Are you SLeeqaholics?" then we say
"YUpp." then they ask we all to sit beside them and one of them take pic wit us we dont know why..

But its fun to make friends wit the sleeqholics..
LYke 20 minutes later we saw Jihan, Sleeq manager & Syarif but Alyph go genting wit their family..
then we all rush to him and take pic wit him, talk to him.. and it is very fun!!

wen we want to go home we say gdbye to Syarif!!
"Bye Syarif" we say
"BYe!!" syarif say
All the sleeqaholics wave at us and we go to swensen to eat!!
Here are some picture we take at the Airport!
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