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Thursday, May 28, 2009
@ 10:27 PM


But Must do homework or so called "work" at the computer!
SO tired! No Rest!

On Saturday got NDP Practices at Kranji, it will be Hot out there!
I dont want to go but wasted if never because get points for our CCA Points and
this is once in the life time.. No More..!!

By THe Way, I want to talk about just now at skool..
Just Now at skool so bored! beceuse no lesson the whole period!
. During Malay Lesson, we just play games.. Soo Fun.. I group with Rafizah, Nisa, Rozalia, My sis..
. Then recess eat red bean pau
. after recess, art period, we colour like madd.
. after art, is Math.. We got study but cannot cocentrate bcoz my classmates especially Seet FonG & Yi chew..
. after math, we must clean our classroom...

So Boring right??


My Bestfrend In sec sch

Kay larr thats all.. Wanna drink HL milk and tomorrow n\must wake up early to do my assignment..

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