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Sunday, June 21, 2009
@ 8:39 PM


So long nvr update!

Btw I changed my blogskins again! LOL..
Dont know lar why hahaha..
So lets talk about yesterday the day before!

20 June 2009

Actually dont want to go but we rehers at Marina Bay So go lar..
Then wenT to school at about 12.45pm, reach school at about 1.05pm.
We must reach school at 1.15.. Luckily, we are not late..
Then take temperature at school.. Meet my besties at school.. Talk2..
Assemble and ready to MARINA BAY!!
then reach there at 3pm..
Assemble andd saw a group of 400 students frm our school seating & eating..
The arrived first..
Then waited for about i tink 40 mins.. So long siiaa!!
Eat, Drink& Rest!!
Then teacher say cannot bring our water bottle along.. so annoying!!
I want to bring but cannot so no choice:(
Then we must walk frm F1 racing there to Marina bay.. quite farr..
then ask my frend wat time we go back.. she say about 11pm!!
i sayy wow!! so long!!
But never mine.
Up next, is our turn to performed so performed with the hot sun!!
woooo.. HOT MAN!
So is 7pm,we eat and the drink is not nice sia!! it is call gree bean soya bean.. i tink
But its stinks!
sing national anthem..
then performed again..
then walk again until the F1 race there.. with our props.. the big areoplane..
Drink water..
then take bus and reach school and go home..

Others: Sorry cant went to SleeQ performance! So Sad!! This is bcause of NDP!!


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