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Thursday, June 04, 2009
@ 5:20 PM


Where i went for the past 3 dayss...

1 June 2009
Wake up at 10am
take a bath and eat after that went to Tampines Library
Discuss our English project den, went to Mcdonald
buy Ice Lemon Tea..
so and so... forrgett already..

2 June 2oo9
Went Johor with myy cuzzin and my parents..
Then went back frm Johor at 8 plus then go to Pak LOng's house
So tiredd siaa.. Then we meet our cuzzin downstairs..
QUite Fun actully...:DD
Then sleep a my cuzzin's house..

3 June 2009
Sleep.. wake up at 7am..!! cant sleep..
Then hear radio ria 89.7fm.. hear bout APM
So watch TV .. Then sleep agaim at 1pm - 3pm
2 hours of sleepING.. ENOUGH!
Then went to Pak long's house again..
Haizz.. tiredd.. Then went back to my cuzzins house
Play computer., hear music..
waiting forr my father to pick me up frm my cuzzin's house.
Then my father pick me upp.. and thnks BAK for teman me go downstairs at 12am
Then buy Prata.. thenwent back homee..
must sleep early bcoz got IT lesson at 11am
abut at last i sleep at 3am..

4 June 2009
wake up 9am..
forget that got maths remedial so nvr go bcoz late already lorhh!!
so i went to skool at 10.55am.. bcoz got IT Lesson ta 11am
Luckly nvr late..
Fun actually..
We take tke picc..
Then went back frm IT at 1.22pm
then Rozalia, Rafizah, Rasinah, me & my sis, syuhaimah
discuss bout our english project until 2 plus..
my father pick me & my sis up .. and went home..
And now blogging while listening to music:D
kayy larr.. enjoy your holidayy..
and tomorrow CLASSIQ.. Cant wait!!
Great present for my Birthdayy:D
Blogg again soon maybe 2morrow
i will tell about 2morro.. about album classiq promo ..
Support SLeeQ at Far East Plaza at 8pm
so come down!!:DD

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