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Monday, July 06, 2009
@ 7:13 PM

Heyhey so long never update!
Too Busy with studies, Fever & events!!

So The last time i update is ON 27 June!!
Wow!! So long!! 8 dAys!! never update!

Hahaha ohkayy!! Suprise! Im here Now! Goin to update!

4 July

Okayy 4 july, Saturday..
Me & My sisters decided To Paint our Room!
Dark Pink!!:DD sO mY FATHER bought for us White fIRST to paint my room!
We painted at about 5pm Untill 2am!
Aaarhh!! so tired!!
Nobody help us paint our rooom, but at last we finish painting our room white!
And before i forget friday I got 3 days Mc So cant go to school Thusday, Friday& Saturday
For NDP!! Haizz!
as i was saying, so Tomorrow my father will buy rED paint.. We decided to change the colour..

5 July

Wake Up at 10am..
bath, brUSH teeth!!
And going to buy Red Paint!
Today will be a long day!
Go to the the shop buy!!
Then, Paint without anybody's help!!
Very proud sia!
So Pain.. My hand!!
My cuzzin came!!

Then Heard Ris 89.7!
Theres SleeQ at PTR!
sO Stop for a while and listen to the whole thing!
I understand wat SleeQ is facing right now!
Then finish at 1am!! haha Long day sia!

6 July

Now blogging and Chatting with my cuzzins, Kak jijah right Now!
And just now chat with Asya at facebook!
Goin To sign out Noww..
Update soon!!
SleeQ dont be too sadd!!
SleeQaholic will always support you guys!
Keep on Your Good Music!
Yea, Always Be a SleeQaholic!
Be happy!

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