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Monday, August 10, 2009
@ 4:24 AM


Now is like 4.12am!
havent sleep!
Watching japanese game show!:D
with my mother & sisters!

Just now ndp was FUN!
wILL never forget it!
Get ais-Cream & many more..
so if u all got a chance to take part,
dont regret!
tgh pinjam my father's laptop!
mesti cepat:)

Get to meet Fana & her frenz or i tink sleeqfans also..
so fun.. get to take pictures with Fana!
& not forgetting also SleeQ!
We take pic with them outside the VIP room there!!
Last year's rentak singapura, we also went to the VIP Room there..
There was a little bit of people only...
then went we finish taking pictures,
we go downstairs..
Saw many people!
WAITING for the artist to go downstairs..
so we tell the sleeqfans to go upstairs!
thats all..
BTW their performance wa GREAT, AWESOME, AMAZING!
tHATS ALL WILL upload the pics soon!
Takecare People!:D

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