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Friday, October 23, 2009
@ 9:25 PM

Hey peoplessss!(:
IN the Morning just now, Was so tired!
Must Do E - Learning.
Today played The comp too Long!
Chat with my friends & Cousins..(:
So bored, wanna go out with friends or family!
But all Busy! Boring write!
Thenn twit Alot!
Watch Videos, Justin Bieber & SleeQ
long dayy!
Then twit
"@iamalyph Hey Alyph! This is one of the triplets!
Miss you & Syarif Alot. Nice performance at tampine street 21
Then he replied
"@irahcutey aww thx see u soon k"
hahaha! Nice one!(:
Alwayzzz Support themm!!
hahaha okok!
Now msging Fiqa!
Dont know wat say now!
Wanna talk about skool!
Last Tues, Wednesday,
nEver went to school'
because got headache & flu!
MOst of my friends di'nt believe!
Dont know wat to do to make them believe!
then get my result!
Will update my result on Monday aites!??
Love SleeQ & Justin Bieber!


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I'm A sleeQfan!(: Love SleeQ & Justin Bieber!

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