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Saturday, November 07, 2009
@ 8:00 PM

Talk about Today & My bestfriend at E-Fair!
Today I sleep a my cousins house!
I take care of My cousin, Danny & Danish..
Then now updating my blog.
Kayy.. So,
Talk about 061109
It was Bestest Day ever!
Get to meet My friend.
Went to my primary school, Czps
WITH Faris Izaan & My sisters. He was Late!!
We promise to meet at 9.30amBut at last he was late,
So we go at 10 plus.. Then , Get to meet my teachers &
My bestfriends, Hanan, Rasyiqah, Lutfiah, & MANY MORE!
Then Get to meet Kristel. tHEn went Home with Faris Izaan &
Harith. Then we stayed at My house block.. Talk2 Laugh2..
Then went backkk Homeee!
Picture upload at FACEBOOK!
2 More days Till Syarif's Birthday!!:)
Did'nt managed To see SleeQ.
So dont know wether to buy Present for Syarif!:)
Nevermine arr..
Will wish for you Happy Birthday on the day Itself!

Signing off!

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