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Saturday, December 12, 2009
@ 10:29 PM

~Banyan Tree~ At Bintan(:
07 - 09December 2009
I went to Bintan - Banyan Tree~
If I have a lot if gun playing with the Swimming pool
But something, I really really Dont like and Until I feel Like going home!
I like There when it is In the morning or afternoon..
Hate it when it is at niight!!
It feels like going home..
Try and guess why I feel like going home?
Hahaha okok STop it Irah!
I had fun in the swimming pool until I got sunburn!
hehehe! Dont laugh okok?? only I can laugh! hahaha!
I still remember wat room we stayed 202 (First Day) & 200 (Second Day)
First we swim like Singapore dont have swimming pool like that..
second also!
We always wake up at 8am (Indonesia time)
So we went to breakfast and eat alot..
After breakfast we swim..
Hahaha! Always like that..
Check out at 3pm (Indonesia Time)
If people don't know Indonesia Time is earlier 1hr from Singapore..
Then wait at the Reception got Library, Then My aunt,Arina,Sisters Take a nap
while waiting for ferry to come at 4.45pm (Indonesia Time)
So we waited..
No mood to take picture because of the SunBurn
Its so Annoying!
Everyday must put lotion!
Tired U know!
Then Reach Singapore around 7.30pm (Singapore Time)
Then Immediately remember that we saw justin bieber face at one of the magazine before we went to Bintan.. And After reach Singapore We quickly ran to the shop, The shop is going to close
Luckily, we are fast, so we grab it and saw it is the last one, GRAB IT & BUY IT!
Guess what the Magazine sold at $8.90! Expensive..
But it does not matter because theres JUSTIN BIEBER!!!!!:D
Fun updating about my holiday!!

I just wanna say that sorry for not updating!
To Farhana: Hope to chat with you! Since I came back from Bintan, We dont have time to chat..
Chat with you soon!

Signing OUt,
more Pic at my facebook!
(: Irah..

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