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Wednesday, December 02, 2009
@ 9:56 PM

Heyloo(: Peoplleee!

Today I for Singapore!

Justin Bieber's Album is Out!

Wen me & my sister went to ____________....

& we saw the Album!
Then we ran & Grab it!

We used our mother's money first
Because we did'nt plan to bought it!

It was so AMAZING!
So Singaporean, Wat are you waiting For! gO BUY!
So later must pay my mother back!
hmmm.. okok now wanna talk about last 2 days..
30th November 2009
Me & my sister going back home frm Religious Class at 8.40am
So we are so bored!
& mY auntie call us arond 10 plus.. and tell us to pack up our things & soo...
She said that we are going sleep there.. so we say OK!
we pack up! Then she said that she want to bring us to Swimming Pool!
Bring swimming costume..
Then after packing'..
we waited..
Then meet my auntie at downstairs..
Then we saw my mum's car..
we say to our self that something is going on..
Then wentt to VIVOCITY!
then after, the weird thing is that myy mum drove to SENTOSA!
HMMMM... weird right,,
Then she said that we are going to
The Beach..
then we reached there & my mum said bring all of the things.. including laptop!
then i say huh??
then we went to this hotel, & my mum is booking but we dont know..
we waited.. my aunt said that we are going to the beach not the hotel!
So we waited!
& then my mum finished! we take the lift & go up level 7!
we were shocked!!
then we cant stop smiling!!
after that went to swimming pool & take picture IN the swimming pool!


1st DEcember

went to Vivo!

Ok update soonnn1!!!!

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